Service Provider: Midlands Medicare Agency Ltd

Director: Dr Ibitoye Ajeigbe

Co Director: Dr Abidemi Sokunbi

Registered Managers: Dr Abidemi Sola Sokunbi

Telephone: 07417454909, 07407136604, 07803134785

Company Number: 06022551

Office Hour Service: 9am-6pm; outside of these hours all calls to the office will be diverted to the manager or the supervisor mobile telephone numbers.



Aims and Objectives

Nature of the Service

Preambles . Targeted Clients

Care process

Signing the Contract

Quality assurance and Quality Control




  • To provide highest standard of domiciliary/Home care service to our service users (anyone over the age of eighteen years).
  • To ensure that client dignity, independence and freedom of choice is not compromised.
  • Consistency providing/monitoring highest standard of are through;

-regular staff meeting training and supervision of our staff to ensure highest standard of care at all time.

-encouraging and seeking feedback from our clients and staff concerning the service we provide with a view to ensuring adherence to highest standard of care and for staff improvement.

-making explicit to our clients procedure on how to lodge any compliant concerning the service that we provide, ensuring that all complaints are treated accordingly within a specified time frame.

Nature of Services We Provide:

This normally consist of:

  • Personal domiciliary care service for any adult clients (above the age of 18 years). Personal care can include assistance with washing, bathing showering shaving, toileting, oral care, dressing, feeding, continence care assistance with taking prescribed medications.
  • Companion sitting service for any adult clients in their own homes.
  • Night care service for any adult clients in their own homes.
  • 24 hours care for any adult client in their own homes.
  • Help with shopping and domestic duties to clients in their own homes. Domestic duties will normally include; washing dishes, dusting, cleaning, vacuum cleaning, bed making, laundry and ironing.
  • Duration of services: our services will normally be provided for at agreed time from 15 minutes to an hour or more.
  • Frequency: this may range from one visit to several visits, one day to seven days depending one the agreed plan of care.

Targeted Clients

Any adult over the age of 18 years who is in need of care in their own home irrespective of race, sex and religious belief.

Care Process

  • Prior to proper commencement of any of the services listed above, clients will be visited by the team manager/supervisor within 24 hours of a client being referred to us fora comprehensive assessment of their personal, environmental (home) and social needs and further support that might be required. This will give us an insight into the clients specific needs and also to know the most efficient ways to meet these needs.
  • A comprehensive plan of care will then be formulated and a copy of this will the be left in clients house for reference by any visiting care staff and any other stake holder.
  • A comprehensive risk assessment including assessment on the use of manual handling equipment will also be carried out by the manager/supervisor to ensure safety of clients and staff. A copy of this assessment will be left in the client house for reference by any care staff. Clients will also be asked specific questions on what they think should be included in the plan of their care to meet their specific needs. On completion a copy of the assessment will be signed by the clients or their representative and the company representative. Also, a copy of general information about the company, plan of care including daily record notes will be put together in a file and left in the client house.
  • Once the care plan has been formulated, a suitable carer will be identified and assigned to the clients. Staff will be expected to read through the plan of care and also, to write out the detail of care provided on daily basis in the daily record note at the end of each care worker visit to clients house.

Signing the Contract

Once the care plan has been formulated, clients will be asked to sign a copy of the contract in which terms and conditions, whichalso be signed by the care manager. A copy of the contractual agreement will include the following: personal contact details, the contracts which will stipulates what the carers will and will not undertake, right and responsibilities of both parties including insurance liabilities; In circumstances in which the services may be cancelled or withdrawn, fees  payable, Midland Medicare Agency ltd quality control process, statement of indemnity, termination, amendment and extension of booking service, compliant and compliment procedures and health and safety issues.

Quality Assurance

  • Supervisors will have to visit the clients once every three months in order to monitor the quality of care being delivered in line with the client care plan. Also considering if there is any changing needs of the clients, which need to be done sometimes when the care staff are in the clients house (spot check) and sometimes when the care staff are not in the clients house.
  • A review of changes in the clients needs possibly along with other health care provider attached to the client and clients relatives every 6 months will be done in the client home.
  • Questionnaire will be sentto every clients once in a month to assess their level of satisfaction and to survey their opinion/suggestion on probable area of development for future in the course of delivering their care.
  • All relevant information relating to clients care including the daily record notes will be regularly checked by manager and/or supervisor. Midland Medicare Agency ltd will also be subjected to inspection to ensure that the relevant legislation’s and standard are met.
  • Care staff will also receive regular supervision at least once in every three months, areas where care staff need improvements will be identified ongoing support and adequate training will be provided. All our care staff will undergo induction which will includes basic principle of care, safe moving and handling methods, medication training, basic mandatory training and training on a range of policies and procedure that cover all aspects of the domiciliary care. All new staff will be supported to undertake relevant NVQ Level 2 or Level 3 or its equivalent within six months of joining the company. Managers/supervisor will undertake NVQ Level 3 or Level 4 or its equivalent.
  • Regular review of key policies and procedures to safeguard service users and to enhance performance of staff will be done regularly. Example of such policies include risk assessment, health and safety, adult protection, lone working, accident and incident guidelines, assisting with medication, data protection, compliant procedure, handling money and financial matters.


Midland Medicare Agency Ltd has a comprehensive policy which provides employers liability cover, public/product liability insurance including malpractice and treatment risks – in respect of legal liability for injury to the third party persons and damage to the third party property damage excess.

Quality Control Process

For quality control process, the following measures will be put in place and monitored continually on regular basis:

  • Only carers with an appropriate experience and qualifications will be assigned to individual clients.
  • Same carers will be assigned to same clients from time to time to ensure consistency and foster better cooperation and understanding between clients and care staff.
  • No more than two carers should be assigned to an individual clients.
  • Lateness will not be tolerated, carers should arrive at the clients house 5 minutes and not later than 5 minutes after the agreed times.
  • Carers should always wear their ID badge always when they are on duties and behave in a very professional manner wheneverthey are in the client house.
  • Carers should adhere to company policies and carry out the care according to the agreed care plan.